All SIGA Casinos welcome guests travelling in Recreational Vehicles (RV). Patrons will need their Players Club card to register and are required to do so at the Guest Services Desk. License plate, name, contact information, number of visitors, length of stay, and reason for extended stay may also be requested. Stays will be approved by security or the Casino Shift Manager. Available spots are first come, first serve as we do not accept reservations. All guests in the RV must be 19 years of age or older.

Upon approval, parking permits are valid for a total of 3 days. If extensions are required, further approval and documentation are required from Casino Shift Manager. For long term stays, senior management approval will be required and granted for extenuating circumstances only.
Power is not available.

Any personal alcohol consumption must be contained to the interior of the vehicle/RV. Any person(s) who is observed consuming alcohol on the external of the vehicle/RV will be considered in violation of the above requirements, resulting in a first and final warning and may incur a request to vacate the premise. Drinks are not permitted to be carried inside the casino for any reason.

Paved parking lot, no fire is permitted.
Smoking is permitted by RV.
Overnight guests must be over the age of 19. Management may ask to see ID from all guests staying in the RV.
Tenting is not permitted unless approved by management.

Any waste materials must be contained in the vehicle/RV and must be disposed of at a provincially approved site. Under no circumstances are any visitors permitted to dispose of any of the above on casino property.

Loud music and parties are not permitted on our lot. Noise levels are to be kept at the minimum at all times out of respect to other guests.
There is a no panhandling or solicitation rule in effect. The casino has a zero tolerance for harassment or abuse of any type.
The casino is not responsible for any lost or stolen items or damages.
Do not place down RV stabilizer jack onto the pavement. Please utilize the ground that is unpaved